Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm kinda bored.

I don't feel like suing N&G anymore. And honestly, the negative energy of the LOLcat style comments that the "Anonymous" folks leave is kind of exhausting.  I actually kind of feel bad for people who make their living being awful to people all the time.  I've heard enough recordings, and read enough about what kind of phone calls that people are getting, that I'm sort of maxed out.

So I'll leave on this note -- I've put enough information on how to do one's own homework out there; I've received a lot of feedback from consumers, and my family isn't getting calls anymore, so, I'm out.  I'm hoping that the NYAG, FTC and CFPB do their jobs.  I don't have time to hand-hold every person who emails me with a vague complaint about a company that might be doing wrong.  This "lifeless blogger" has an actual life.  Someone else needs to become the new Bud Hibbs.  It ain't me.

And to Mark, Kurt, Vin, Ryan, Marcus/Marcos/Marcas, Alex, and all the other anonymous folks out there (whoever you actually are): if you still want to sue me in "Federal Court," go right ahead.  I'm friends with more lawyers than you have probably met in your lifetime, so put some funds in reserve to pay your "legal dream team." I would LOVE a chance to serve each of you with document requests concerning each entity I have looked into. And some 30(b)(6) depositions... Since you're on the up-and-up with all of your accounts and are clearly observing all corporate formalities for each LLC, I'm sure it'll be no problem for you, right?